Disinfection of gastrointestinal fibrescopes--evaluation of the disinfectants Dettox and Gigasept.

  title={Disinfection of gastrointestinal fibrescopes--evaluation of the disinfectants Dettox and Gigasept.},
  author={H. O'connor and C. Steele and J. Price and C. Lincoln and A. Axon},
  volume={15 6},
The disinfectant solutions Dettox (based on a quaternary ammonium compound) and Gigasept (based on succine dialdehyde) were evaluated during disinfection procedures with a new disinfecting apparatus for gastrointestinal fibrescopes. Thorough disinfection was achieved after 2 minutes using Dettox 8% or Gigasept 10%; persistent fibrescope contamination with Gram-negative organisms was found after disinfection with Dettox 4% or Gigasep 5%. No adverse effects in endoscopy staff or damage to… Expand
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