Disgust Sensitivity, Political Conservatism, and Voting

  title={Disgust Sensitivity, Political Conservatism, and Voting},
  author={Yoel Inbar and David A. Pizarro and R. Iyer and J. Haidt},
  journal={Social Psychological and Personality Science},
  pages={537 - 544}
  • Yoel Inbar, David A. Pizarro, +1 author J. Haidt
  • Published 2012
  • Psychology
  • Social Psychological and Personality Science
  • In two large samples (combined N = 31,045), we found a positive relationship between disgust sensitivity and political conservatism. This relationship held when controlling for a number of demographic variables as well as the “Big Five” personality traits. Disgust sensitivity was also associated with more conservative voting in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. In Study 2, we replicated the disgust sensitivity–conservatism relationship in an international sample of respondents from 121… CONTINUE READING
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