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Disentangling Electronic and Magnetic Order in NdNiO$_3$ at Ultrafast Timescales

  title={Disentangling Electronic and Magnetic Order in NdNiO\$\_3\$ at Ultrafast Timescales},
  author={Vladimir A Stoica and Danilo Puggioni and Jialu Zhang and Raksha Singla and Georgi L. Dakovski and Giacomo Coslovich and Matthew Seaberg and Mikhail Kareev and Srimanta Middey and Peter Kissin and Richard Douglas Averitt and Jak Chakhalian and H. Wen and James M. Rondinelli and John W. Freeland},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
Understanding how emergent phases arise from microscopic interactions in quantum materials is of fundamental importance. Long range order can be strongly influenced by cooperative or competing interactions, an important example being lattice and magnetic degrees of freedom operative in numerous materials exhibiting insulator-to-metal transitions (IMTs). Ultrashort x-ray pulses provide a powerful approach to temporally disentangle magnetic and structural dynamics, yielding new insights into the… Expand

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