Diseases of the Mouth

  title={Diseases of the Mouth},
  author={Hugh Silk},
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  • H. Silk
  • Published 1 March 1933
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  • The Indian Medical Gazette

CLINICAL REVIEW Otolaryngologic Manifestations of Pregnancy

A unique group of ear, nose, and throat disorders are associated with preg­ nancy. While most are benign and reverse after parturition, some do not. These disorders may be classified categorically by

Host’s Immunity and Candida Species Associated with Denture Stomatitis: A Narrative Review

The present narrative review aimed to analyze the innate and adaptive immune responses of patients with denture stomatitis and more particularly the involvement of Candida albicans sp.

Streptococcus sanguinis biofilm formation & interaction with oral pathogens

This work focuses on the mechanism of biofilm formation in S. sanguinis and the interaction of S. Sanguinis with caries- and periodontitis-associated pathogens and the relationship between S.sanguinisBiofilm formation and its pathogenicity in endocarditis.

Study of Salivary Electrolytes in Diabetic and Non- Diabetic Patients with Active Caries

It could be concluded that there is a positive relationship between salivary electrolyte levels (salivary potassium) and diabetes mellitus with dental caries than non-diabetic patients with active caries or the control subjects.

Factors Affecting Dental Caries of Preschool Children in Shiraz, 2014

The dental caries status of the studied preschool children was not desirable which could be indicative of the inadequacy of the current preventive programs and the programs are more necessary for the children of low socioeconomic families and those with poor oral hygiene habits.

Foreign bodies of submandibular gland and Wharton’s duct: a review of literature

An early diagnosis of a foreign body is particularly challenging and more often the diagnosis is retrospective following organ resection, and traditional diagnostic tools are often not clearly able to identify the internal duct features and site of obstruction.

Management of Oral Health through Ayurvedic Methods

The present scientific evidence based view is focused on possible role of ayurveda in the management of dental defects as it is a holistic system of medicine.

Prevalence of dental caries among different stage students in College of Dentistry , Hawler Medical

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  • 2022
Introduction Dental Caries, another term for tooth cavity, decay, or caries, is the breakdown of tooth structure by bacterial activities. The first person responsible for oral health education,

Evaluation of the Relationship between the Prevalence of Dental Caries and Age Factor in Dental Patients

The prevalence of Caries is much common in younger and that the prevalence of caries and age are related, and the null hypothesis that the age and carious lesions are independent is rejected.


Various Ayurvedic herbs used in dentistry with their promising effects on oral cavity i.e., strengthening the gingival and periodontal health, preventing tooth decay, eliminating halitosis and in management of various oral mucosal lesions are focused on.



Dental plaque-induced gingival diseases.

The classification of gingival disease in this review relied upon experimental and/or epidemiological human studies that accurately and reliably assessed an underlying functional derangement that was localized to the gingiva and was reported in a peer-reviewed journal.

Management of Benign Aphthous Ulcers

Aphthous ulcers that occur in conjunction with symptoms of uveitis, genital ulcerations, conjunctivitis, arthritis, fever or adenopathy should prompt a search for a serious etiology.

Contemporary management of cancer of the oral cavity

The purpose of this review is to discuss the most current management options for oral cavity cancers.

Common dental emergencies.

Most dental problems can be prevented with regular dental care and steps to minimize risks of oral trauma, while definitive treatment requires root canal therapy or extraction of the involved tooth.

Recurrent aphthous stomatitis. An update.

  • J. Ship
  • Medicine
    Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics
  • 1996

Oral mucoceles: a clinicopathologic review of 1,824 cases, including unusual variants.

Oral candidosis, denture cleanliness and hygiene habits in an elderly population

Only 16.7% of dentures worn by the elderly are properly cleaned, and there was a significant correlation between poor denture hygiene and prevalence of Candida.

Incidence of human papillomavirus infection in oral leukoplakia. Indications for a viral aetiology.

HPV is a specific risk factor for the development of oral premalignant lesions, differently from the other pathologies and healthy oral mucosa.