Diseases involving the Golgi calcium pump.

  title={Diseases involving the Golgi calcium pump.},
  author={Jo Vanoevelen and Leonard Dode and Luc Raeymaekers and Frank Wuytack and Ludwig Missiaen},
  journal={Sub-cellular biochemistry},
Secretory-pathway Ca2(+)-transport ATPases (SPCA) provide the Golgi apparatus with Ca2+ and Mn2+ needed for the normal functioning of this organelle. Loss of one functional copy of the human SPCA1 gene (ATP2C1) causes Hailey-Hailey disease, a rare skin disorder characterized by recurrent blisters and erosions in the flexural areas. Here, we will review the properties and functional role of the SPCAs. The relationship between Hailey-Hailey disease and its defective gene (ATP2C1) will be adressed… CONTINUE READING