Disease-specific, neurosphere-derived cells as models for brain disorders.

  title={Disease-specific, neurosphere-derived cells as models for brain disorders.},
  author={Nicholas A Matigian and Greger Abrahamsen and Ratneswary Sutharsan and Anthony L. Cook and Alejandra M. Vitale and Amanda Nouwens and Bernadette Bellette and Jiyuan An and Matthew Francis Anderson and Anthony G. Beckhouse and Maikel Bennebroek and Rowena Cecil and Alistair M. Chalk and Julie Cochrane and Yongjun Fan and François F{\'e}ron and Richard D. McCurdy and J J Mcgrath and Wayne Murrell and Chris Perry and J. Jai Hari Raju and Sugandha Ravishankar and P. A. Silburn and Greg T Sutherland and Stephen M. Mahler and George Mellick and Stephen A Wood and Carolyn M. Sue and Christine A. Wells and Alan Mackay-Sim},
  journal={Disease models & mechanisms},
  volume={3 11-12},
There is a pressing need for patient-derived cell models of brain diseases that are relevant and robust enough to produce the large quantities of cells required for molecular and functional analyses. We describe here a new cell model based on patient-derived cells from the human olfactory mucosa, the organ of smell, which regenerates throughout life from… CONTINUE READING