Discussions of worker ants' rule-based CHC dealing with changing environments

  title={Discussions of worker ants' rule-based CHC dealing with changing environments},
  author={A. Kamiya and K. Abiko and S. Kobayashi},
  journal={Appl. Soft Comput.},
  • A. Kamiya, K. Abiko, S. Kobayashi
  • Published 2010
  • Computer Science
  • Appl. Soft Comput.
  • Contrary to popular belief, biologists discovered that worker ants are really not all hardworking. It has been found that in three separate 30-strong colonies of black Japanese ants (Myrmecina nipponica), about 20% of worker ants are diligent, 60% are ordinary, and 20% are lazy. That is called 20:60:20 rule. Though they are lazy, biologists suggested that lazy worker ants could be contributing something to the colony that is yet to be determined. In our last research, we used CHC (cross… CONTINUE READING
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