Discussion on: “Observer Scheme for State and Parameter Estimation in Asynchronous Motors with Application to Speed Control”

  title={Discussion on: “Observer Scheme for State and Parameter Estimation in Asynchronous Motors with Application to Speed Control”},
  author={Mohand A. Ouhrouche and Adel Merabet},
  journal={European Journal of Control},


Speed sensorless field oriented control of induction motor with rotor resistance adaptation
  • H. Kubota, K. Matsuse
  • Engineering
    Conference Record of the 1993 IEEE Industry Applications Conference Twenty-Eighth IAS Annual Meeting
  • 1993
The authors present a method for estimating simultaneously the motor speed and the rotor resistance of an induction motor by superimposing AC components on the field current command. In addition, a
Sensorless indirect field-oriented control of induction motors, based on high gain speed estimation
A novel speed sensorless control algorithm for IM with analytically proven local asymptotic stability properties is presented. It provides asymptotic speed tracking and flux regulation under
Observer synthesis for state-affine systems
An observer for state-affine systems is constructed and it is shown that it depends on the inputs of the system, and some topological properties are given.
Simultaneous Estimation of Speed and Rotor Resistance in Sensorless Induction Motor Vector Controlled Drive
Abstract In this paper a new sensorless indirect vector controlled induction motor drive robust against rotor resistance variation is presented. The speed and rotor resistance are estimated
Estimation of speed, rotor flux, and rotor resistance in cage induction motor using the EKF algorithm
Field-oriented control (FOC), first considered by Blaschke in his pioneering work in 1972, allows high-performance speed and torque response to be achieved from an induction motor. The instantaneous