Discussion of early Cambrian “molluscs”

  title={Discussion of early Cambrian “molluscs”},
  author={Dr. and L. Ellis and Yoch},
  journal={Journal of the Geological Society},
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  • Dr., L. Ellis, Yoch
  • Published 1975
  • Journal of the Geological Society
  • Dr. Ellis L. Yochelson writes: I proposed a list of features considered common to all or most molluscs (Yochelson 1961) in an attempt to define that phylum without reference to soft parts; there has been no discussion of this approach, nor of the features listed. As a prime consideration I would make a distinction between phosphatic and non-phosphatic hard parts: phosphatic hard parts do not occur in molluscs. The late Cambrian molluscan class Mattheva has no relationship to the various… CONTINUE READING
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