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Discussion of 'Multivariate Fisher's independence test for multivariate dependence'

  title={Discussion of 'Multivariate Fisher's independence test for multivariate dependence'},
  author={Thomas B. Berrett},
We would like to congratulate the authors on an interesting paper that provides many avenues for discussion. The reduction of a nonparametric problem to a sequence of 2× 2 contingency tables is very elegant, and Fisher’s exact test is used to great effect. There are now a large number of methods for multivariate independence testing, but the proposed procedure stands out by providing uniform Type I error controls without a large computational burden, combining the speed of an asymptotic test… 



USP: an independence test that improves on Pearson’s chi-squared and the G-test

We present the U-statistic permutation (USP) test of independence in the context of discrete data displayed in a contingency table. Either Pearson’s χ2-test of independence, or the G-test, are

BET on Independence

  • Kai Zhang
  • Computer Science
    Journal of the American Statistical Association
  • 2019
By using symmetry statistics, the BET avoids the problem of nonuniform consistency and improves upon a wide class of commonly used methods by achieving the minimax rate in sample size requirement for reliable power and by providing clear interpretations of global relationships upon rejection of independence.

Optimal rates for independence testing via U-statistic permutation tests

A permutation test based on a basis expansion and astatistic estimator of $D(f)$ that is minimax optimal in terms of its separation rates in many instances is proved.

Distribution-Free Consistent Independence Tests via Center-Outward Ranks and Signs

Abstract This article investigates the problem of testing independence of two random vectors of general dimensions. For this, we give for the first time a distribution-free consistent test. Our

Nonparametric independence testing via mutual information

This work proposes a test of independence of two multivariate random vectors, given a sample from the underlying population, based on the estimation of mutual information, whose decomposition into joint and marginal entropies facilitates the use of recently-developed efficient entropy estimators derived from nearest neighbour distances.

Multivariate Rank-Based Distribution-Free Nonparametric Testing Using Measure Transportation

  • Nabarun DebB. Sen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Journal of the American Statistical Association
  • 2021
This paper proposes a general framework for distribution-free nonparametric testing in multi-dimensions, based on a notion of multivariate ranks defined using the theory of measure transportation, and proposes (multivariate) rank versions of distance covariance and energy statistic for testing scenarios (i) and (ii) respectively.

Adaptive test of independence based on HSIC measures

This work develops a new HSIC-based aggregated procedure which avoids such a kernel choice, and provides theoretical guarantees for this procedure, and performs numerical studies to assess the efficiency of this procedure and compare it to existing independence tests in the literature.

Equivalence of distance-based and RKHS-based statistics in hypothesis testing

It is shown that the energy distance most commonly employed in statistics is just one member of a parametric family of kernels, and that other choices from this family can yield more powerful tests.

Measuring and testing dependence by correlation of distances

Distance correlation is a new measure of dependence between random vectors that is based on certain Euclidean distances between sample elements rather than sample moments, yet has a compact representation analogous to the classical covariance and correlation.

Monge-Kantorovich Depth, Quantiles, Ranks and Signs

We propose new concepts of statistical depth, multivariate quantiles,ranks and signs, based on canonical transportation maps between a distributionof interest on IRd and a reference distribution on