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Discussion: Byrne and Hall on Everett and Chalmers

  title={Discussion: Byrne and Hall on Everett and Chalmers},
  author={L. Vaidman},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
  • L. Vaidman
  • Published 2000
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • arXiv: Quantum Physics
Byrne and Hall (1999) criticized the argument of Chalmers (1996) in favor of the Everett-style interpretation. They claimed to show “the deep and underappreciated flaw in any Everett-style interpretation”. I will argue that it is possible to interpret Chalmers’s writing in such a way that most of the criticism by Byrne and Hall does not apply. In any case their general criticism of the many-worlds interpretation is unfounded. The recent recognition that the Everett-style interpretations are… Expand
Everett and structure
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Probability and the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Theory
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The Conscious Mind