Discrimination of common bean cultivars using multiplexed microsatellite markers.


Analysis of DNA polymorphisms allows for the genetic identification and precise discrimination of species with a narrow genetic base such as common bean. The primary objectives of the present study were to molecularly characterize commercial common bean varieties developed at various research institutions using microsatellite markers and to determine the… (More)
DOI: 10.4238/2014.March.24.1


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@article{Cardoso2014DiscriminationOC, title={Discrimination of common bean cultivars using multiplexed microsatellite markers.}, author={Placido Cardoso and Cl{\'a}udio Brondani and Isabela Menezes and Paula Arielle Mendes Ribeiro Valdisser and Tereza Cristina de Oliveira Borba and M J Del Peloso and Rosana P Vianello}, journal={Genetics and molecular research : GMR}, year={2014}, volume={13 1}, pages={1964-78} }