Discriminating roles of desmosomal cadherins: beyond desmosomal adhesion.

  title={Discriminating roles of desmosomal cadherins: beyond desmosomal adhesion.},
  author={Rachel L. Dusek and Lisa Marie Godsel and Kathleen Janee Green},
  journal={Journal of dermatological science},
  volume={45 1},
The desmosomal cadherins, which include desmogleins and desmocollins, are Ca(2+)-dependent adhesion molecules that cooperate to make up the adhesive core of intercellular junctions known as desmosomes. The roles of desmosomal cadherins in epidermal integrity and as targets in human cutaneous disease have been well established. However, the molecular basis of these disorders is still poorly understood, due in part to a lack of fundamental knowledge about the organization of the adhesive… CONTINUE READING