Discriminating ability of Humphrey matrix perimetry in early glaucoma patients.

  title={Discriminating ability of Humphrey matrix perimetry in early glaucoma patients.},
  author={Samin Hong and Woosuk Chung and Young Jae Hong and Gong Je Seong},
  journal={Ophthalmologica. Journal international d'ophtalmologie. International journal of ophthalmology. Zeitschrift fur Augenheilkunde},
  volume={221 3},
PURPOSE To determine the discriminating ability of some parameters provided by Humphrey Matrix perimetry for early glaucoma detection. METHODS A prospective cross-sectional study was performed. Sixty-five primary open-angle glaucoma patients with early-stage visual field defects on standard automated perimetry (mean deviation = -1.98 +/- 1.93 dB) and 56 healthy subjects were included. All subjects performed the Humphrey Matrix perimetry with a threshold 30-2 strategy. The receiver operating… CONTINUE READING