Discriminating Crop, Weeds and Soil Surface with a Terrestrial LIDAR Sensor

  title={Discriminating Crop, Weeds and Soil Surface with a Terrestrial LIDAR Sensor},
  author={Dionisio And{\'u}jar and Victor Rueda-Ayala and Hugo Moreno and Joan Ram{\'o}n Rosell Polo and Alexandre Escol{\`a} and Constantino Valero and Roland Gerhards and C{\'e}sar Fern{\'a}ndez-Quintanilla and Jos{\'e} Dorado and Hans W. Griepentrog},
In this study, the evaluation of the accuracy and performance of a light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensor for vegetation using distance and reflection measurements aiming to detect and discriminate maize plants and weeds from soil surface was done. The study continues a previous work carried out in a maize field in Spain with a LIDAR sensor using exclusively one index, the height profile. The current system uses a combination of the two mentioned indexes. The experiment was carried out in a… CONTINUE READING
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