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Discriminant Function Analysis : Concept and Application Ş ener Büyüköztürk

  title={Discriminant Function Analysis : Concept and Application Ş ener B{\"u}y{\"u}k{\"o}zt{\"u}rk},
  author={Ş. B{\"u}y{\"u}k{\"o}zt{\"u}rk and {\"O}. Çokluk-B{\"o}keoğlu},
Problem Statement: Discriminant analysis is a multivariate statistical method that serves to set up a model to predict group memberships. The model consists of discriminant functions that appear based on a linear combination of predictive variables that provide the best discrimination between groups. These functions are derived from a sample whose group memberships are known. Afterward, they could be applied to new individuals or units with measures related to the same variables and unknown… CONTINUE READING
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