Discreteness of area and volume in quantum gravity [Nucl. Phys. B 442 (1995) 593]

  title={Discreteness of area and volume in quantum gravity [Nucl. Phys. B 442 (1995) 593]},
  author={Carlo Rovelli and Lee Smolin},
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Properties of the volume operator in loop quantum gravity: I. Results
We analyze the spectral properties of the volume operator of Ashtekar and Lewandowski in loop quantum gravity, which is the quantum analog of the classical volume expression for regions in
Quantum theory of geometry: I. Area operators
A new functional calculus, developed recently for a fully non-perturbative treatment of quantum gravity, is used to begin a systematic construction of a quantum theory of geometry. Regulated
Are the spectra of geometrical operators in Loop Quantum Gravity really discrete
One of the celebrated results of Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) is the discreteness of the spectrum of geometrical operators such as length, area and volume operators. This is an indication that Planck
Ju l 2 00 9 Loop Quantum Gravity à la Aharonov-Bohm
The state space of Loop Quantum Gravity admits a decomposition into orthogonal subspaces associated to diffeomorphism equivalence classes of graphs. In this paper I discuss the possibility of
Properties of the volume operator in loop quantum gravity: II. Detailed presentation
The properties of the volume operator in loop quantum gravity, as constructed by Ashtekar and Lewandowski, are analyzed for the first time at generic vertices of valence greater than four. We find
Linking topological quantum field theory and nonperturbative quantum gravity
Quantum gravity is studied nonperturbatively in the case in which space has a boundary with finite area. A natural set of boundary conditions is studied in the Euclidean signature theory in which the
Simplification of the spectral analysis of the volume operator in loop quantum gravity
The volume operator plays a crucial role in the definition of the quantum dynamics of loop quantum gravity (LQG). Efficient calculations for dynamical problems of LQG can therefore be performed only
A new realization of quantum geometry
We construct in this article a new realization of quantum geometry, which is obtained by quantizing the recently-introduced flux formulation of loop quantum gravity. In this framework, the vacuum is
Loop Quantum Gravity and the Meaning of Diffeomorphism Invariance
This series of lectures gives an introduction to the non-perturbative and background-independent formulation for a quantum theory of gravitation which is called loop quantum gravity. The Hilbert


Finite diffeomorphism-invariant observables in quantum gravity.
  • Smolin
  • Mathematics, Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1994
These results make possible the construction of a correspondence between any three-geometry whose curvature is small in Planck units and a diffeomorphism-invariant state of the gravitational and matter fields.
Extended loop representation of quantum gravity.
A new representation of quantum gravity is developed based on an extension of the group of loops that behaves locally as an infinite dimensional Lie group and it is shown that the constraints are linear in the momenta.
The physical Hamiltonian in nonperturbative quantum gravity.
A quantum Hamiltonian which evolves the gravitational field according to time as measured by constant surfaces of a scalar field is defined through a regularization procedure based on the loop
Weaving a classical metric with quantum threads.
It is shown that there exist quantum states which approximate a given metric at large scales, but such states exhibit a discrete structure at the Planck scale.
Quantum reference systems
The author argues that only by taking into account the quantum properties of the bodies that form the reference frames, physical quantum operators can be defined in quantum gravity. The theory of
Fermions in quantum gravity.
The quantum fermions plus gravity system (QGD) is studied using the loop representation and the fermion dynamics is the immediate extension of pure gravity dynamics to open loops.
Knot theory and quantum gravity.
A new represenatation for quantum general relativity is described, which is defined in terms of functionals of sets of loops in three-space. In this representation exact solutions of the quantum
Von Neumann algebra automorphisms and time-thermodynamics relation in general covariant quantum theories
We consider the cluster of problems raised by the relation between the notion of time, gravitational theory, quantum theory and thermodynamics; in particular, we address the problem of relating the
Hermitian operators on quantum general relativity loop space
The author discusses a more precise mathematical formulation of the Rovelli and Smolin loop space representation of quantum general relativity. Their representation space based on wavefunctions