Discrete scaling and criticality in a chain of adaptive excitable integrators

  title={Discrete scaling and criticality in a chain of adaptive excitable integrators},
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Small-Shot Effect and Flicker Effect

The Flicker Effect.\char22{}J. B. Johnson observed, under certain conditions (oxide coated and tungsten filaments, low frequencies, electron currents high but not high enough for space charge

Critical Phenomena in Natural Sciences

Introduction to Stochastic Modeling

How self-organized criticality works: A unified mean-field picture

We present a unified dynamical mean-field theory, based on the single site approximation to the master-equation, for stochastic self-organized critical models. In particular, we analyze in detail the

Neuronal Avalanches in Neocortical Circuits

This work shows that propagation of spontaneous activity in cortical networks is described by equations that govern avalanches, and suggests that “neuronal avalanches” may be a generic property of cortical networks, and represent a mode of activity that differs profoundly from oscillatory, synchronized, or wave-like network states.

A Hierarchy of Time-Scales and the Brain

It is suggested that cortical anatomy recapitulates the temporal hierarchy that is inherent in the dynamics of environmental states, and this anatomic-temporal hierarchy provides a comprehensive framework for understanding cortical function.

On the temporal organization of neuronal avalanches

The process of avalanches is characterized and it is demonstrated that, because of the multiple time scales characterizing avalanche dynamics, the distributions of quiet times between avalanches larger than a certain size do not collapse onto a unique function when rescaled by the average occurrence rate.

Every Good Regulator of a System Must Be a Model of That System

Today, as a step towards the control of complex dynamic systems, models are being used ubiquitously. Being modelled, for instance, are the air traffic flows around New York, the endocrine balances of

Probability: Theory and Examples

This book is an introduction to probability theory covering laws of large numbers, central limit theorems, random walks, martingales, Markov chains, ergodic theorems, and Brownian motion. It is a

From sensation to cognition.

  • M. Mesulam
  • Biology, Psychology
    Brain : a journal of neurology
  • 1998
The destruction of transmodal epicentres causes global impairments such as multimodal anomia, neglect and amnesia, whereas their selective disconnection from relevant unimodal areas elicits modality-specific impairmentssuch as prosopagnosia, pure word blindness and category-specific anomias.