Discrete Time Signals and Systems

  title={Discrete Time Signals and Systems},
  author={Nasir Ahmed and T. Raj Natarajan},

Signal Filter Cut-Off Frequency Determination to Enhance the Accuracy of Rail Track Irregularity Detection and Localization

The results affirm that a low-pass finite impulse response filter with the selected cutoff frequency progressively increases the signal-to-noise ratio with increasing filter order, thus demonstrating the effectiveness and practicality of the method.

A Scheme to Design Concurrent Error Detection Techniques for the Fast Fourier Transform Implemented in SRAM-Based FPGAs

This paper presents a scheme to implement CED techniques for the complex FFT implemented in SRAM-based FPGAs and shows that they achieve high detection rates with much less resource usage than DMR and SoS.

Motor Control Application of Fixed-Sampling-Interval and Fixed-Depth Moving Average Filters

A moving average (MA) low-pass filter and a counter MA high-pass filter are discussed, and their empirical cutoff frequencies are determined. Compared with the infinite-impulse response filter, the

Cardiac arrhythmia detection using DCT based compressive sensing and random forest algorithm

  • T. MarasovicV. Papić
  • Computer Science
    2016 International Multidisciplinary Conference on Computer and Energy Science (SpliTech)
  • 2016
A novel scheme for reliable automatic classification of ECG signals into normal and three different abnormal (arrhythmia affected) categories is proposed, based on an amalgamation of discrete cosine transform and random projection for dimensionality reduction.

A novel concurrent error detection technique for the fast Fourier transform implemented in SRAM-based FPGAs

A novel Concurrent Error Detection technique for the complex Fast Fourier Transform implemented in SRAM based Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) that achieves high error detection rates with fewer unnecessary reconfigurations than SoS, which makes it suitable for applications in which circuit size and availability are critical.

Contributions to the Development of a Real-Time Ultrasound Simulator

Contributions to the Development of a Real-Time Ultrasound Simulator Justin Wong Master of Applied Science Graduate Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Toronto 2015

Chest-Worn Health Monitor Based on a Bistatic Self-Injection-Locked Radar

Experimental results reveal that the proposed health monitor has high potential to integrate a cardiopulmonary sensor, a pedometer, and a wireless transmission device on a single radar platform.