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Discrete Cilia Modelling with Singularity Distributions : Application to the Embryonic Node and the Airway Surface Liquid

  title={Discrete Cilia Modelling with Singularity Distributions : Application to the Embryonic Node and the Airway Surface Liquid},
  author={D. Smitha and E. A. Gaffneya and J. Blakea},
  • D. Smitha, E. A. Gaffneya, J. Blakea
  • Published 2007
  • We discuss in detail techniques for modelling flows due to finite and infinite arrays of beating cilia. An efficient technique, based on concepts from previous ‘singularity models’ is described, that is accurate in both near and far-fields. Cilia are modelled as curved slender ellipsoidal bodies by distributing Stokeslet and potential source dipole singularities along their centrelines, leading to an integral equation that can be solved using a simple and efficient discretisation. The computed… CONTINUE READING
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