Discrete Breathers

  title={Discrete Breathers},
  author={Sergej Flach and Charles R. Willis},

Discrete breathers — Advances in theory and applications

Discrete Breathers in One- and Two-Dimensional Lattices

Discrete breathers are time-periodic and spatially localised exact solutions in translationally invariant nonlinear lattices. They are generic solutions, since only moderate conditions are required

Discrete Breathers in Condensed Matter

Discrete breathers — non-topological spatially localized time periodic excitations — are generic solutions for lattice Hamiltonians independent of the lattice dimension. We give an introduction to

Breathers for the Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Nonlinear Hopping

Numerical studies in the one-dimensional lattice corroborate the theoretical bounds and illustrate that in certain parameter regimes of physical significance, the estimates can serve as accurate predictors of the breather power and its dependence on the various system parameters.

Discrete breathers in Bose–Einstein condensates

Discrete breathers, originally introduced in the context of biopolymers and coupled nonlinear oscillators, are also localized modes of excitation of Bose–Einstein condensates (BEC) in periodic

q-breathers in discrete nonlinear Schrödinger lattices

q-breathers (QBs) are exact time-periodic solutions of extended nonlinear systems continued from the normal modes of the corresponding linearized system. They are localized in the space of normal

Discrete breathers in classical ferromagnetic lattices with easy-plane anisotropy.

This paper is devoted to the investigation of a classical d-dimensional ferromagnetic lattice with easy plane anisotropy with Heisenberg model, and shows the existence of a big variety of these breather solutions, depending on the respective orientation of the tilted spins.



Interaction of discrete breathers with electrons in nonlinear lattices.

  • FlachKladko
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1996
Remarkably these results are derived in the absence of disorder, since discrete breathers exist in translationally invariant nonlinear lattices.

Spatially localized, temporally quasiperiodic, discrete nonlinear excitations.

This work presents an exact solution of a discrete nonlinear Schrodinger breather which is a spatially localized, temporally quasiperiodic nonlinear coherent excitation that is a multiple-soliton solution in the sense of the inverse scattering transform.

Discreteness effects on a sine-Gordon breather.

Using molecular-dynamics and Fourier-transform techniques, it is shown that discrete SG breathers spontaneously make remarkably sharp transitions from a short lifetime to a long lifetime.

Breatherlike excitations in discrete lattices with noise and nonlinear damping

We discuss the stability of highly localized, ‘‘breatherlike,’’ excitations in discrete nonlinear lattices under the influence of thermal fluctuations. The particular model considered is the discrete

Exponential stability of breathers in Hamiltonian networks of weakly coupled oscillators

We prove existence and practical stability of breathers in chains of weakly coupled anharmonic oscillators. Precisely, for a large class of chains, we prove that there exist periodic solutions

Solitonlike solutions of the generalized discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

  • HennigRasmussenGabrielBülow
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 1996
We investigate the solution properties of a generalized discrete nonlinear Schro¨dinger equation describing a nonlinear lattice chain. The generalized equation interpolates between the integrable

Energy thresholds for discrete breathers in one-, two- and three-dimensional lattices

Discrete breathers are time-periodic, spatially localized solutions of equations of motion for classical degrees of freedom interacting on a lattice. They come in one-parameter families. We report on