Discrepancies in the determination of sperm concentration using Bürker-Türk, Thoma and Makler counting chambers.

  title={Discrepancies in the determination of sperm concentration using B{\"u}rker-T{\"u}rk, Thoma and Makler counting chambers.},
  author={Preben Christensen and Henrik Stryhn and Christina H\orup Hansen},
  volume={63 4},
Determination of sperm concentration by use of a haemocytometer or counting chamber is an important step in semen evaluation and is also used for calibration or validation of instruments. Three experiments were carried out to determine the precision and accuracy of the Makler chamber, the Thoma haemocytometers (50 and 100 microm deep, TH-50, TH-100) and the Bürker-Türk (BT) haemocytometer. The first experiment confirmed that precision in sperm count by use of the haemocytometers (TH-50 and BT… CONTINUE READING

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