Discovery of very high energy gamma-ray emission from the SNR G 54 . 1 + 0 . 3

  title={Discovery of very high energy gamma-ray emission from the SNR G 54 . 1 + 0 . 3},
  author={Vicdalia Aniela Acciari and Ester Aliu and Timothy C Arlen and Tore Aune and Manuel Bautista and Matthias Beilicke and Wystan Benbow and D. Boltuch and simon. bradbury and James H. Buckley and V. Bugaev and Yousaf M. Butt and Karen L. Byrum and Alessandro Cesarini and Larry Ciupik and Wei Cui and R. Dickherber and Cameron Duke and John P. Finley and Gary Finnegan and Lucy Fortson and A. K. Furniss and Nicola Galante and Daniel Gall and G. H. Gillanders and Sagar Godambe and Eric V. Gotthelf and Jean Grube and R. Gu{\'e}nette and Geza Gyuk and David G. Hanna and Jamie Holder and C. M. Hui and T. Brian Humensky and Asif Imran and Philip Kaaret and Niklas Karlsson and M. P. Kertzman and David B. Kieda and Alexander K. Konopelko and Henric S. Krawczynski and Frank Krennrich and Matthew J. Lang and S. Lebohec and Gernot Maier and Scot McArthur and Andrew McCann and Michael McCutcheon and Philip Moriarty and R. Muhkerjee and Ren{\'e} A. Ong and Adam Nepomuk Otte and Dirk Pandel and Jeremy S. Perkins and Martin K. Pohl and Jacqueline Quinn and Kelsey Ragan and Luis C. Reyes and Paul T. Reynolds and E. Roache and Harry Rose and Martin Schroedter and G. H. Sembroski and G. Demet Senturk and P. Slane and Andrew W. Smith and Duncan Steele and Simon P. Swordy and Gordana Tesic and Mareen Theiling and Susan Thibadeau and Vladimir V. Vassiliev and St{\'e}phane Vincent and Scott P. Wakely and J. Evan Ward and Trevor C. Weekes and Alan Weinstein and T. Weisgarber and D A Williams and S. A. Wissel and Michael D Wood and Benjamin Zitzer},
We report the discovery of very high energy (VHE) gamma-ray emission from the direction of the SNR G54.1+0.3 using the VERITAS ground-based gamma-ray observatory. The TeV signal has an overall significance of 6.8σ and appears pointlike given the resolution of the instrument. The integral flux above 1 TeV is 2.5% of the Crab Nebula flux and significant emission is measured between 250 GeV and 4 TeV, well described by a power-law energy spectrum dN/dE ∼ E−Γ with a photon index Γ = 2.39 ± 0.23stat… CONTINUE READING