Discovery of two small circular ssDNA viruses associated with the whitefly Bemisia tabaci

  title={Discovery of two small circular ssDNA viruses associated with the whitefly Bemisia tabaci},
  author={E. Y. T. Nakasu and F. Melo and M. Michereff-Filho and T. Nagata and B. Ribeiro and S. G. Ribeiro and C. Lacorte and A. Inoue-Nagata},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
  • E. Y. T. Nakasu, F. Melo, +5 authors A. Inoue-Nagata
  • Published 2017
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Archives of Virology
  • The complete genome sequences of two novel small circular DNA viruses isolated from sweet-potato whiteflies collected in central-West (AdDF) and Southeast (AdO) regions of Brazil were determined by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), and confirmed by cloning and Sanger sequencing. The genomes are 2,199 and 2,211 nt-long, respectively, encoding a putative coat protein (CP) and a replication-associated protein (Rep) and showing a genomic organization typical of viruses from the family Genomoviridae… CONTINUE READING


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