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Discovery of two-dimensional anisotropic superconductivity at KTaO$_3$ (111) interfaces.

  title={Discovery of two-dimensional anisotropic superconductivity at KTaO\$_3\$ (111) interfaces.},
  author={Changjiang Liu and Xi Kang Yan and Dafei Jin and Yang Ma and Haw-wen Hsiao and Y. Lin and Terence M. Bretz-Sullivan and Xianjing Zhou and John Pearson and Brandon Fisher and Jidong S. Jiang and Wei Han and Jian-min Zuo and Jianguo Wen and Dillon D Fong and Jirong Sun and Hua Zhou and Anand Bhattacharya},
  journal={arXiv: Superconductivity},
  • Changjiang Liu, Xi Kang Yan, +15 authors Anand Bhattacharya
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Superconductivity
  • The unique electronic structure found at interfaces between materials can allow unconventional quantum states to emerge. Here we observe superconductivity in electron gases formed at interfaces between (111) oriented KTaO$_3$ and insulating overlayers of either EuO or LaAlO$_3$. The superconducting transition temperature, approaching 2.2 K, is about one order of magnitude higher than that of the LaAlO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ system. Strikingly, similar electron gases at (001) KTaO$_3$ interfaces remain… CONTINUE READING

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