Discovery of topological chiral crystals with helicoid arc states

  title={Discovery of topological chiral crystals with helicoid arc states},
  author={Daniel S. Sanchez and Ilya Belopolski and Tyler A. Cochran and Xitong Xu and Jia-Xin Yin and Guoqing Chang and Weiwei Xie and Kaustuv Manna and Vicky Suss and Chengyi Huang and Nasser Alidoust and Daniel Multer and Songtian S. Zhang and Nana Shumiya and Xirui Wang and Guangqiang Wang and Tay-Rong Chang and Claudia Felser and Su-Yang Xu and Shuang Jia and Hsin Lin and M Zahid Hasan},
The quantum behaviour of electrons in materials lays the foundation for modern electronic and information technology. Quantum materials with novel electronic and optical properties have been proposed as the next frontier, but much remains to be discovered to actualize the promise. Here we report the first observation of topological quantum properties of chiral crystals in the RhSi family. We demonsrate that this material hosts novel phase of matter exhibiting nearly ideal topological surface… 

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