Discovery of the astatine, radon, francium, and radium isotopes

  title={Discovery of the astatine, radon, francium, and radium isotopes},
  author={C. Fry and M. Thoennessen},
  journal={Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables},

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Nuclear Data Sheets for A=218
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Numerical assessments of radon diffusion together with analytical estimates for short-time and long-time exposure were the first objective of this thesis with the goal to demonstrate how radon
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The decay hindrance factors (HF) calculated using the ALPHAD program, which is available from Brookhaven National Laboratory’s website, have been calculated for the α- decay data sets for 221Fr, 221Ac- and 221Pa- α-decays.
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Histogram-reweighting Monte Carlo simulations in the grand canonical ensemble are used to determine saturated liquid and vapor densities, vapor pressures, heats of vaporization, and compressibility
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In the paper, the values of the thermodynamic critical eld (HC) for francium have been calculated. It has been assumed the wide range of the pressure: p ∈ 〈7.2; 14〉 GPa. The analysis has been
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This research presents a novel approach called “SmartSimulation,” which automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and expensive process of simulating fluid dynamics in the desert.


Experimental Evidence of the Existence of Element 85 in the Thorium Family
BESIDES the branching of the C products in the three radioactive families, Mlle. Perey and Lecoin1,2 have shown another branching in actinium, leading to the creation of element 87. Turner3,
Discovery of 229Rn and the structure of the heaviest Rn and Ra isotopes from Penning-trap mass measurements.
The masses of the neutron-rich radon isotopes {223-229}Rn have been determined for the first time, using the ISOLTRAP setup at CERN ISOLDE, and the first discovery of a new nuclide, 229Rn, by Penning-trap mass measurement is marked.
New α-decaying neutron-deficient isotope 196Rn
A new neutron-deficient isotope 196Rn has been produced and identified on the basis of genetic correlations in the 166Er (36Ar, 6n) 196Rn (Elab = 208 MeV) reaction. By using a gas-filled recoil
Alpha decay studies of new neutron-deficient francium isotopes and their daughters
Neutron-deficient francium isotopes were produced by proton-induced spallation reactions and investigated by alpha spectroscopy following on-line mass separation. The new isotopes201, 202Fr were