Discovery of stimulation-responsive immune enhancers with CRISPR activation.

  title={Discovery of stimulation-responsive immune enhancers with CRISPR activation.},
  author={Dimitre R Simeonov and Benjamin G Gowen and Mandy Boontanrart and Theodore L Roth and John D. Gagnon and Maxwell R. Mumbach and Ansuman T Satpathy and Youjin V Lee and Nicolas L Bray and Alice M Y Chan and Dmytro Sergiiovych Lituiev and Michelle Linh T Nguyen and Rachel E. Gate and Meena Subramaniam and Zhongmei Li and Jonathan Woo and Therese Mitros and Graham J Ray and Gemma L. Curie and Nicki Naddaf and Julia S F Chu and Hong Ma and Eric Boyer and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Van Gool and Hailiang Huang and Ruize Liu and Victoria R. Tobin and Kathrin Schumann and Mark J. Daly and Kyle Kai-How Farh and K Mark Ansel and Chun Jimmie Ye and William J Greenleaf and Mark S. Anderson and Jeffrey A Bluestone and Howard Y Chang and Jacob E Corn and Alexander Marson},
  volume={549 7670},
The majority of genetic variants associated with common human diseases map to enhancers, non-coding elements that shape cell-type-specific transcriptional programs and responses to extracellular cues. Systematic mapping of functional enhancers and their biological contexts is required to understand the mechanisms by which variation in non-coding genetic sequences contributes to disease. Functional enhancers can be mapped by genomic sequence disruption, but this approach is limited to the subset… CONTINUE READING


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