Discovery of periodic dips in the brightest hard X-ray source of M31 with EXTraS

  title={Discovery of periodic dips in the brightest hard X-ray source of M31 with EXTraS},
  author={M. Marelli and A. Tiengo and A. Luca and D. Salvetti and L. Saronni and L. Sidoli and A. Paizis and R. Salvaterra and A. Belfiore and G. Israel and F. Haberl and D. D'Agostino},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
We performed a search for eclipsing and dipping sources in the archive of the EXTraS project - a systematic characterization of the temporal behaviour of XMM-Newton point sources. We discovered dips in the X-ray light curve of 3XMM J004232.1+411314, which has been recently associated with the hard X-ray source dominating the emission of M31. A systematic analysis of XMM-Newton observations revealed 13 dips in 40 observations (total exposure time $\sim$0.8 Ms). Among them, four observations show… Expand
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