Discovery of nitrogen in Saturn ’ s inner magnetosphere

  title={Discovery of nitrogen in Saturn ’ s inner magnetosphere},
  author={H. T. Smith and Mark D Shappirio and Edward C. Sittler and D. 6. Reisenfeld and Robert E. Johnson and Ra{\'u}l A. Baragiola and Frank J. Crary and David J. McComas and David T. Young},
[1] We detected N in Saturn’s magnetosphere in the range L 3.5 to 9.5 Saturn Radii (Rs) using data collected by the Cassini Plasma Spectrometer during Saturn Orbit Insertion and the following orbit (Rev A). The presence of N in Saturn’s magnetosphere has been a source of much debate since Voyager’s detection of unresolved mass/charge 14–16 amu ions in this region. Two principal nitrogen sources have been suggested: Titan’s atmosphere and nitrogen compounds trapped in Saturn’s icy satellite… CONTINUE READING