Discovery of new potentially defective alleles of human CYP2C9.

  title={Discovery of new potentially defective alleles of human CYP2C9.},
  author={Joyce Blaisdell and Lucia F. Jorge-Nebert and Sherry Coulter and Stephen S. G. Ferguson and Su-Jun Lee and Brian Chanas and Tina Xi and Harvey W. Mohrenweiser and Burhan I. Ghanayem and Joyce A. Goldstein},
  volume={14 8},
CYP2C9 is a clinically important enzyme, responsible for the metabolism of numerous clinically important therapeutic drugs. In the present study, we discovered 38 single nucleotide polymorphisms in CYP2C9 by resequencing of genomic DNA from 92 individuals from three different racial groups. Haplotype analysis predicted that there are at least 21 alleles of CYP2C9 in this group of individuals. Six new alleles were identified that contained coding changes: L19I (CYP2C9*7), R150H (CYP2C9*8), H251R… CONTINUE READING

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