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Discovery of new chemically peculiar late B-type stars: HD 67044

  title={Discovery of new chemically peculiar late B-type stars: HD 67044},
  author={Richard Monier and Marwan Gebran and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Royer},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
HD 67044 currently assigned a B8 spectral type is one of the slowly rotating B stars situated in the northern hemisphere which we are currently observing. The selection criteria for this sample of stars are a declination higher than -15^o , spectral class B8 or B9, luminosity class V or IV, and a magnitude V brighter than 7.85. Most of the stars of this B8-9 sample have just recently been observed in December 2014. We are currently performing a careful abundance analysis study of high… 

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