Discovery of new TESS pulsating hot subdwarfs

  title={Discovery of new TESS pulsating hot subdwarfs},
  author={Jurek Krzesinski and L A Balona},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Aims. This work is dedicated to a search for new pulsating hot subdwarfs in TESS photometric data which could have been missed in previous searches. Methods. By matching catalogues of hot subdwarfs with TESS targets and using luminosities from Gaia parallaxes, a list of 1389 candidate hot subdwarfs observed by TESS was created. The periodograms of these stars were inspected, and the stars were classified according to variability type. Results. An updated catalogue of all known pulsating hot… 

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Software and Cyberinfrastructure for Astronomy VI

List of 38 newly discovered pulsating sdB stars not marked as pulsators

  • 2021

The peak at 5.608 d−1 has a weak harmonic suggesting orbital motion with P = 0.178

  • d. TIC

Table A2 presents the TESS stars listed in Van Grootel et al

  • (2021) that are unrecognised new pulsat-
  • 2017

On the basis of the low luminosity it is a likely V1093 Her star with a rich frequency spectrum

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Balona: New TESS pulsating subdwarfs

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Periodograms of unrecognised sdBV stars

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