Discovery of multiple neuropeptide families in the phylum Platyhelminthes.

  title={Discovery of multiple neuropeptide families in the phylum Platyhelminthes.},
  author={Paul McVeigh and Gunnar R Mair and Louise E. Atkinson and Peter Ladurner and M. Kiumarse Zamanian and Ekaterina B. Novozhilova and Nikki J. Marks and Tim Day and Aaron G Maule},
  journal={International journal for parasitology},
  volume={39 11},
Available evidence shows that short amidated neuropeptides are widespread and have important functions within the nervous systems of all flatworms (phylum Platyhelminthes) examined, and could therefore represent a starting point for new lead drug compounds with which to combat parasitic helminth infections. However, only a handful of these peptides have been characterised, the rigorous exploration of the flatworm peptide signalling repertoire having been hindered by the dearth of flatworm… CONTINUE READING


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