Discovery of mature freshwater eels in the open ocean

  title={Discovery of mature freshwater eels in the open ocean},
  author={S. Chow and H. Kurogi and N. Mochioka and Shunji Kaji and M. Okazaki and K. Tsukamoto},
  journal={Fisheries Science},
Keywords Anguilla First catch Freshwater eels Matured males Spawning areaAll freshwater eels of the genus Anguilla are catadromous,in that they perform long-distance migrations to offshorespawning area after years of growth in freshwater and near-shore habitats [1]. Finding younger and smaller lepto-cephali indicated the spawning area to be located in theSargasso Sea for European and American eels (Anguillaanguilla and A. rostrata, respectively) [2, 3] and in thewestern North Equatorial Current… Expand
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