Discovery of chitin in skeletons of non-verongiid Red Sea demosponges

  title={Discovery of chitin in skeletons of non-verongiid Red Sea demosponges},
  author={Hermann Ehrlich and Lamiaa A Shaala and Diaa T A Youssef and Sonia Ż{\'o}łtowska-Aksamitowska and Mikhail V Tsurkan and Roberta Galli and Heike Meissner and Marcin Wysokowski and I. Petrenko and Konstantin R. Tabachnick and Viatcheslav N Ivanenko and Nicole Bechmann and Yvonne Joseph and Teofil Jesionowski},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Marine demosponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) are recognized as first metazoans which have developed over millions of years of evolution effective survival strategies based on unique metabolic pathways to produce both biologically active secondary metabolites and biopolymer-based stiff skeletons with 3D architecture. Up to date, among marine demosponges, only representatives of the Verongiida order have been known to synthetize biologically active substances as well as skeletons made of… CONTINUE READING


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Chemical and Biological Investigation of the Red Sea Sponge Echinoclathria species .

Reda F. Abdelhameed, Amany K. Ibrahim, Tarek A. Temraz, Koji Yamada, Safwat A. Ahmed
  • 2017