Discovery of an endophytic alga in Ginkgo biloba.


Although intracellular associations with mycorrhizal fungi are known for Ginkgo biloba, no other endosymbiotic relationships have ever been reported for this "living fossil." A protoplast culture derived from haploid explants has now revealed the existence of a green alga in vitro, whose eukaryotic status was confirmed by transmission electron microscopic… (More)
DOI: 10.3732/ajb.89.5.727


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@article{TrmouillauxGuiller2002DiscoveryOA, title={Discovery of an endophytic alga in Ginkgo biloba.}, author={Jocelyne Tr{\'e}mouillaux-Guiller and Thomas Rohr and Ren{\'e} Rohr and Volker A. R. Huss}, journal={American journal of botany}, year={2002}, volume={89 5}, pages={727-33} }