Discovery of a new plant-pathogenic spiroplasma.

  title={Discovery of a new plant-pathogenic spiroplasma.},
  author={Colette Saillard and J C Vignault and Alain Pierre Gadeau and Patricia Carle and Monique Garnier and A Fos and Joseph Marie Bov{\'e} and Joseph G. Tully and Robert F. Whitcomb},
  journal={Israel journal of medical sciences},
  volume={20 10},
To study natural transmission of Spiroplasma citri in the Mediterranean area, periwinkles (Vinca rosea L.) were exposed to natural infection in several locations during the summer of 1983. Detection of S. citri in the periwinkles was assayed by ELISA and culture of the organisms. Some of the periwinkles developed yellows disease symptoms; they contained helical organisms in their sieve tubes, as determined by electron microscopy. A spiroplasma could be cultured from them, but their ELISA… CONTINUE READING

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