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Discovery of a new Wolf-Rayet star using SAGE-LMC

  title={Discovery of a new Wolf-Rayet star using SAGE-LMC},
  author={Vasilii V. Gvaramadze and A. N. Chen'e and Alexei Yu. Kniazev and O. Schnurr Sternberg Astronomical Institute and Moscow state University and Russia. and Departamento de Astronomia and Universidad de Concepcion and Chile. and Univ. de Valparaiso and Departamento de Astronomia and South African Astronomical Observatory and Southern African Large Telescope Foundation and South Africa and Aip and An der Sternwarte and H Germany},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
We report the first-ever discovery of an extragalactic Wolf-Rayet (WR)star with Spitzer. A new WR star in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) was revealed via detection of its circumstellar shell using 24 {\mu}m images obtained in the framework of the Spitzer Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud (SAGE-LMC). Subsequent spectroscopic bservations with the Gemini South resolved the central star in two components, one of which is a WN3b+abs star, while the second one is a B0V star. We consider the… Expand

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