Discovery of a naturalCO 2 seep in theGermanNorthSea : Implications for shallow dissolved gas and seep detection

  title={Discovery of a naturalCO 2 seep in theGermanNorthSea : Implications for shallow dissolved gas and seep detection},
  author={Daniel F. McGinnis and Mark Schmidt and Tonya Delsontro and S{\"o}ren Themann and Lorenzo Rovelli and A. W. Reitz and Peter Linke},
A natural carbon dioxide (CO 2) seep was discovered during an expedition to the southern German North Sea (October 2008). Elevated CO 2 levels of ∼10–20 times above background were detected in seawater above a natural salt dome ∼30 km north of the East‐Frisian Island Juist. A single elevated value 53 times higher than background was measured, indicating a possible CO 2 point source from the seafloor. Measured pH values of around 6.8 support modeled pH values for the observed high CO 2… CONTINUE READING


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