Discovery of a moon orbiting the asteroid 45 Eugenia

  title={Discovery of a moon orbiting the asteroid 45 Eugenia},
  author={William J. Merline and Laird M. Close and Christophe Dumas and C. Richard Chapman and François Roddier and François M{\'e}nard and David C. Slater and Gilles Duvert and Chris Shelton and Th. Morgan},
Evidence for asteroidal satellites (moons) has been sought for decades, because the relative frequency of such satellites will bear on the collisional history of the asteroid belt and the Solar System, yet only one has been detected unambiguously. Here we report the discovery of a satellite of the asteroid 45 Eugenia, using an adaptive optics system on a ground-based telescope. The satellite has a diameter of about 13 km, and an orbital period of about 4.7 days with a separation of 1,190 km… CONTINUE READING