Discovery of a brown dwarf companion to the star HIP 64892

  title={Discovery of a brown dwarf companion to the star HIP 64892},
  author={A. Cheetham and M. Bonnefoy and S. Desidera and M. Langlois and A. Vigan and T. Schmidt and J. Olofsson and G. Chauvin and H. Klahr and R. Gratton and V. d'Orazi and T. Henning and M. Janson and B. Biller and S. Peretti and J. Hagelberg and D. S'egransan and S. Udry and D. Mesa and E. Sissa and Q. Kral and J. Schlieder and A-L. Maire and C. Mordasini and F. M'enard and A. Zurlo and J-L. Beuzit and M. Feldt and D. Mouillet and M. Meyer and A-M. Lagrange and A. Boccaletti and M. Keppler and T. Kopytova and R. Ligi and D. Rouan and H. Coroller and C. Dominik and {\'E}. Lagadec and M. Turatto and L. Abe and J. Antichi and A. Baruffolo and P. Baudoz and P. Blanchard and T. Buey and M. Carbillet and M. Carle and E. Cascone and R. Claudi and A. Costille and A. Delboulb{\'e} and V. Caprio and K. Dohlen and D. Fantinel and P. Feautrier and T. Fusco and E. Giro and L. Gluck and N. Hubin and E. Hugot and M. Jaquet and M. Kasper and M. Llored and F. Madec and Y. Magnard and P. Martínez and D. Maurel and D. L. Mignant and O. Moller-Nilsson and T. Moulin and A. Orign{\'e} and A. Pavlov and D. Perret and C. Petit and J. Pragt and P. Puget and P. Rabou and J. Ramos and F. Rigal and S. Rochat and R. Roelfsema and G. Rousset and A. Roux and B. Salasnich and J. Sauvage and A. Sevin and C. Soenke and E. Stadler and M. Suarez and L. Weber and F. Wildi},
  journal={arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics},
  • A. Cheetham, M. Bonnefoy, +89 authors F. Wildi
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics
  • We report the discovery of a bright, brown dwarf companion to the star HIP 64892, imaged with VLT/SPHERE during the SHINE exoplanet survey. The host is a B9.5V member of the Lower-Centaurus-Crux subgroup of the Scorpius Centaurus OB association. The measured angular separation of the companion ($1.2705\pm0.0023$") corresponds to a projected distance of $159\pm12$ AU. We observed the target with the dual-band imaging and long-slit spectroscopy modes of the IRDIS imager to obtain its SED and… CONTINUE READING
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