Discovery of TeV gamma-ray emission from PKS 0447-439 and derivation of an upper limit on its redshift

  title={Discovery of TeV gamma-ray emission from PKS 0447-439 and derivation of an upper limit on its redshift},
  author={H.E.S.S. Collaboration and A. Abramowski and F. Acero and A. G. Akhperjanian and Gisela Anton and Shangkari Balenderan and A. Balzer and Anna Barnacka and Yvonne Becherini and Julia K. Becker Tjus and Bagmeet Behera and Konrad Bernlohr and Emrah Birsin and Jonathan Biteau and Anne Bochow and Catherine Boisson and J. Bolmont and P. Bordas and J. De Brucker and Francesco Brun and P. Brun and Tomasz Bulik and Svenja Carrigan and Sophia Casanova and Matteo Cerruti and Paula M. Chadwick and R. C. G. Chaves and A. Cheesebrough and Sergio Colafrancesco and Gabriele Cologna and Jan Conrad and Claire Couturier and Matthew Dalton and M. K. Daniel and I. D. Davids and B. Degrange and Christoph Deil and P. deWilt and H. J. Dickinson and Arache Djannati-Atai and Wilfried F. Domainko and L. O’C. Drury and G. Dubus and K. L. Dutson and Jaroslaw Dyks and M. Dyrda and Kathrin Egberts and Peter Eger and P. Espigat and L. Fallon and C. Farnier and Stuart Fegan and Frederick L. Feinstein and M. V. Fernandes and Diane Fernandez and Armand Fiasson and Gilles Fontaine and Alison Forster and Matthias Fussling and M. Gajdus and Y. A. Gallant and Tania Garrigoux and Henning Gast and Berrie Giebels and J. F. Glicenstein and Bob Gluck and D. Goring and M. -H. Grondin and M. Grudzi'nska and S. Haffner and Julian Hague and Joachim Hahn and Daniel Hampf and J. Harris and Sebastian Heinz and Germano Heinzelmann and G. D. Leuvenink Henri and G. Hermann and Andreas Hillert and J. A. Hinton and Werner Hofmann and Petter Hofverberg and Markus Holler and Dieter Horns and A. Jacholkowska and Carsten Jahn and Marek Jamrozy and I. D. Jung and M. A. Kastendieck and Krzysztof Katarzyński and U. Katz and Samuel Kaufmann and Bruno Kh'elifi and Stefan Klepser and D. Klochkov and Wlodzimierz Kluzniak and T. Kneiske and D. Kolitzus and Nu. Komin and Karl Peter Kosack and Rafał Kossakowski and Fabien Krayzel and Petrus Paulus Kruger and H'elene Laffon and Giovanni Lamanna and Julien Lefaucheur and Marianne Lemoine-Goumard and J. -P. Lenain and Dirk Lennarz and Torsten Lohse and Alexander Lopatin and C.-C. Lu and Vincent Marandon and Alexandre Marcowith and Jeremy Masbou and Gilles Maurin and Nigel Maxted and Mich{\`e}le Mayer and T. J. L. McComb and Maribel Medina and J. M'ehault and Ulf Menzler and Rafal Moderski and Mahmoud Mohamed and Emmanuel Moulin and C. L. Naumann and Melitta Naumann-Godo and Marie de Naurois and D. Nedbal and N. Nguyen and J. Niemiec and S. J. Nolan and Sven Ohm and E. de O. na Wilhelmi and Brian Opitz and Michał Ostrowski and Igor Oya and Marie Panter and R. D. Parsons and M. Paz Arribas and N. W. Pekeur and G. Pelletier and J. Perez and P. -O. Petrucci and Bernard Peyaud and S. Pita and Gerd Puhlhofer and Maurice Punch and Andreas Quirrenbach and Siegfried Raab and Martin Raue and Anita Reimer and Olaf Reimer and M Irene Renaud and R. de los Reyes and Frank M. Rieger and Joachim Ripken and L. Rob and S. Rosier-Lees and Gavin Rowell and Bronisław Rudak and C. B. Rulten and Valerie Sahakian and David A. S{\'a}nchez and Andrea Santangelo and Reinhard Schlickeiser and A. Schulz and Ullrich Schwanke and Stefan Schwarzburg and S. Schwemmer and F. Sheidaei and J. L. Skilton and H. Sol and G. Spengler and Lukasz Stawarz and R. Steenkamp and Christian Stegmann and Friedrich Stinzing and K. Stycz and Iurii Sushch and A. Szostek and J. -P. Tavernet and R{\'e}gis Terrier and Martin Tluczykont and Cyril Trichard and K. Valerius and Christopher van Eldik and Georges Vasileiadis and Christo Venter and Aion Viana and Patrick Vincent and H. J. Volk and Francesco Volpe and S. N. Vorobiov and Martine Vorster and S. J. Wagner and Michael J. Ward and Richard White and Agnieszka W. Wierzcholska and Denis Wouters and Michael Zacharias and A. Zajczyk and Andrzej A. Zdziarski and Alraune Zech and H. Zechlin and Didier Pelat},
  • H.E.S.S. Collaboration, A. Abramowski, +203 authors Didier Pelat
  • Published 2013
  • Physics
  • Very high-energy gamma-ray emission from PKS 0447-439 was detected with the H. E. S. S. Cherenkov telescope array in December 2009. This blazar is one of the brightest extragalactic objects in the ... 

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