Discovery of Olivine in the Nili Fossae Region of Mars

  title={Discovery of Olivine in the Nili Fossae Region of Mars},
  author={Todd M. Hoefen and Roger N. Clark and Joshua L. Bandfield and Michael D. Smith and John Christopher Pearl and Philip R. Christensen},
  pages={627 - 630}
We have detected a 30,000-square-kilometer area rich in olivine in the Nili Fossae region of Mars. Nili Fossae has been interpreted as a complex of grabens and fractures related to the formation of the Isidis impact basin. We propose that post-impact faulting of this area has exposed subsurface layers rich in olivine. Linear mixture analysis of Thermal Emission Spectrometer spectra shows surface exposures of 30% olivine, where the composition of the olivine ranges from Fo30 to Fo70. 

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