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Discovery of Karamanlidika Cultural Artifacts via Social Media Tools: Towards a Digital Repository for Karamanli Memories

  title={Discovery of Karamanlidika Cultural Artifacts via Social Media Tools: Towards a Digital Repository for Karamanli Memories},
  author={Selenay Aytac and Constantia Constantinou},
The Karamanlides, also known as Karamanli people, are those who spoke Ottoman Turkish and wrote in Greek characters in Asia Minor during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The Karamanli Turkish community has been forced to leave the country in accord with the 1923 Mubadele. There are also evidences of records of Karamanlides found in rare book libraries and archives in Cyprus, Greece, Istanbul, and Anatoli. The first step of the research was to identify available digital Karamanlides cultural… Expand


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Karamanli Patronage in the Eighteen and Nineteenth Centuries: the Case of the Village of Germir/Kermira
  • Cries and Whispers in Karamanlidika Books, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Karakanlidika Studies, 45-62
  • 2008