Discovery of Highly Potent Liver X Receptor β Agonists.

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@article{Kick2016DiscoveryOH, title={Discovery of Highly Potent Liver X Receptor β Agonists.}, author={Ellen K Kick and Brett B Busch and Richard Martin and William C. Stevens and Venkataiah Bollu and Yinong Xie and Brant C Boren and Michael C Nyman and Max Nanao and Lam M. Nguyen and Artur Plonowski and Ira G. Schulman and Grace Hai Yan and Huiping Zhang and Xiaoping Hou and Meriah W N Valente and Rangaraj Narayanan and Kamelia Behnia and Andressa D S Rodrigues and Barry J Brock and James Smalley and Glenn H. Cantor and John A. Lupisella and Paul G. Sleph and Denise Grimm and Jacek Ostrowski and Ruth R. Wexler and Todd G. Kirchgessner and Raju Mohan}, journal={ACS medicinal chemistry letters}, year={2016}, volume={7 12}, pages={1207-1212} }