Discovery of Energy-dependent X-Ray Microlensing in Q2237+0305

  title={Discovery of Energy-dependent X-Ray Microlensing in Q2237+0305},
  author={Bin Chen and Xinyu Dai and Christopher S. Kochanek and George Athanasios Chartas and Jeffrey A. Blackburne and Szymon Kozlowski},
We present our long-term Chandra X-ray monitoring data for the gravitationally lensed quasar Q2237+0305 with 20 epochs spanning 10 years. We easily detect microlensing variability between the images in the full (0.2-8 keV), soft (0.2-2 keV), and hard (2-8 keV) bands at very high confidence. We also detect, for the first time, chromatic microlensing differences between the soft and hard X-ray bands. The hard X-ray band is more strongly microlensed than the soft band, suggesting that the corona… CONTINUE READING

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