Discovery of Currently Active Extraterrestrial Volcanism

  title={Discovery of Currently Active Extraterrestrial Volcanism},
  author={Leslee A. Morabito and Stephen P. Synnott and Peter N. .. Kupferman and S. A. Collins},
  pages={972 - 972}
Two volcanic plumes were discovered on an image of Io taken as part of the Voyager optical navigation effort. This is the first evidence of active volcanism on any body in the solar system other than Earth. 
Volcanic features of Io
Volcanic activity is apparently higher on Io than on any other body in the Solar System. Its volcanic landforms can be compared with features on Earth to indicate the type of volcanism present on Io.
Volcanic eruption plumes on Io
An umbrella-shaped plume detected above Io confirms that Io is volcanically active. Preliminary analyses of eight such eruptive plumes are presented.
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Volcanic resurfacing rates and implications for volatiles on Io
Resurfacing rates and surface ages on Io are estimated, together with the material ejection and deposition rates of the active volcanic plumes.
Sulfur Volcanoes on Io
The ubiquity of sulfur on Io today demonstrates the importance of this element in the processes that formed its surface, and it is postulated that sulfur is the driving volatile for Ionian volcanism.
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Volcanic Activity on Io During the Galileo Era
▪ Abstract Galileo's explorations have revealed a remarkable variety of eruptive styles among Io's diverse volcanoes. Activity at hundreds of volcanic centers ranges from dormant through sporadic to