Discovery and development of sorafenib: a multikinase inhibitor for treating cancer

  title={Discovery and development of sorafenib: a multikinase inhibitor for treating cancer},
  author={Scott Wilhelm and Christopher Carter and Mark Lynch and Timothy B. Lowinger and Jacques Dumas and Roger Abbey Smith and Brian D. Schwartz and Ronit Simantov and Susan J Kelley},
  journal={Nature Reviews Drug Discovery},
Since the molecular revolution of the 1980s, knowledge of the aetiology of cancer has increased considerably, which has led to the discovery and development of targeted therapies tailored to inhibit cancer-specific pathways. The introduction and refinement of rapid, high-throughput screening technologies over the past decade has greatly facilitated this targeted discovery and development process. Here, we describe the discovery and continuing development of sorafenib (previously known as BAY 43… CONTINUE READING
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