Discovery and characterization of the tuberculosis drug lead ecumicin.

  title={Discovery and characterization of the tuberculosis drug lead ecumicin.},
  author={Wei Gao and Jin-yong Kim and Shao-Nong Chen and Sang-Hyun Cho and Jongkeun Choi and Birgit U Jaki and Ying-yu Jin and David C Lankin and Ji-Ean Lee and Sun-Young Lee and James B McAlpine and Jos{\'e} G Napolitano and Scott G Franzblau and Joo Won Suh and Guido F Pauli},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={16 23},
The new tuberculosis (TB) lead ecumicin (1), a cyclic tridecapeptide, was isolated from Nonomuraea sp. MJM5123, following a high-throughput campaign for anti-TB activity. The large molecular weight of 1599 amu detected by LC-HR-MS precluded the initial inference of its molecular formula. The individual building blocks were identified by extensive NMR experiments. The resulting two possible planar structures were distinguished by LC-MS(2). Determination of absolute configuration and unambiguous… CONTINUE READING

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